Spiritual Counseling

The idea of spiritual counseling shouldn’t be that odd to you. Throughout our lives, we are constantly seeking the assistance of someone with experience. If you want to learn how to work on a car you talk to a mechanic. If you want to learn how to lift weights you speak with a personal trainer. So why is the idea of getting help in psychic spiritual healing seem odd?

Spiritual Counseling

When we need to get healthier we go to a doctor. When we need career help we go to a counselor. So why is the idea of working with psyching energy healing so strange? Throughout the day, we are constantly battling ourselves between what’s best for us and what will just get us through the day. “My diet starts on Monday, I will quit smoking after the holidays, I will start reading more and watching less TV when work slows down.” Do these sound familiar? Here’s how you can get real help:

  • Peaceful Mind: What’s the number one thing that keeps you from accomplishing your goals? It’s your mindset, especially when you are facing resistance. For example, you want to lose weight so you eat healthy and exercise the first day. Then the second day you do the same and the third day as well. By the fourth day you have already grown tired of the gym, someone brings in donuts to work and now you are ready to quit. This is how our mind resists true progress and why we need to be able to focus better and that starts with finding true peace.
  • Restful Body: Our body doesn’t need coffee, energy shakes and the other stuff we put into our system to increase energy. It needs rest, real rest that comes from calming ourselves through meditation and yoga. Even if you are not a fan of the idea of yoga, everyone enjoys sitting in a peaceful place and quietly observing nature.
  • Personal Guidance: The reason we need a “coach” is because we struggle to get out of our own way. We need someone, not so much to push us, but to guide us as we take on the normal resistance we face and attempt to find real self improvement.

Goddess of the Charms offers spiritual counseling with the goal of helping you find inner peace through meditation, crystals, renewed energy, yoga and other effective techniques and tools. If you are looking for a way to recharge your batteries or reset yourself to start making real progress in your life feel free to contact us today whether you live in Miami or anywhere else.


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